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Fantasia Divinity is a small press and literary magazine with a love for fantasy. Although we publish a variety of genres including science fiction and horror, we tend to specilize in fairy tale retellings and magic. We offer a wide range of story types and lengths; there is something for everyone here! With regular anthology calls, we try to keep things exciting for both authors and readers, to stretch the imagination and help you jouney to lands far beyond your own.

If you are interested in publishing a novel or short story with us, please see our submission guidelines. 

New Releases:
I Will Fight for You
Cancer is a terrible disease, one that affects us all. It has robbed us of our loved ones, but now we are fighting back. For this anthology, we are fighting back to help rid the world of this monster. These stories depict that fight to save ourselves or our loved ones and in many cases were inspired by actual people in our lives.

Featuring 17 stories of people fighting for their loved ones, some against cancer, others in a fictional world against a symbolic evil.

All profits of this book will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

We hope you all will fight with us.



(Hardcover available on request at additional cost)
Once Upon a Unicorn vol. 3: Journey to the Abyss
by Madeline L. Stout
Left without a Seeker to control the land's magic, Moonbeam's kingdom is being torn apart. Ora and the others embark on a quest to find a way to tame the magic before there is nothing left. Their journey leads them to the very center of the realm where the centaurs dwell, but once there, the only way to their goal is through the vast ocean that rests beneath the earth.

Join Ora once again in book 3 of ONCE UPON A UNICORN!


Current Submission Calls:
Monthly Issues : Temporarily Closed
Monthly issues will be closed until August 2019. Other aspects of Fantasia Divinity remain open. 

​​Anthologies Calls :​​

  • Detective Fantasy Anthology [Untitled] - CLOSED Submissions currently in review
  • Behind Eyes of Glass: A Haunted Dolls Anthology - CLOSED Submissions currently in review
Projects by Guest Editor Fanni Suto (FDSubs@gmail.com) :​​

  • Enchanted Gardens Anthology [Untitled] - Deadline November 16th [Or until full]
  • Japanese Mythology Anthology [Untitled] - Deadline November 16th [Or until full]

​Fairy Tale Collection 2: OPEN (Minimum of 20,000 Words)
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - CLOSED
  • The Frog Prince - OPEN
  • The Princess and the Pea - CLOSED
  • 1,001 Nights - OPEN
  • Hansel and Gretel - OPEN
  • The Little Match Girl - CLOSED
  • Thumbelina - OPEN
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses - OPEN 
  • Maid Maleen - CLOSED
  • Rumpelstiltskin - OPEN
Authors from collection 1 can query for a new fairy tale in collection 2.

Novel Queries : OPEN

For questions about payments and contributor copies, please contact: PaymentDepartment@FantasiaDivinityMagazine.com
2018/2019 Release Schedule
*Dates may be subject to change

FDM: June 2018 (Print/Kindle Edition) - October 2018

FDM: July 2018 (Print/Kindle Edition) - October 2018

The Charming Prince by David W. Landrum (Book 6 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - November 2018 

Spring's Blessing Anthology - November  2018

FDM: August 2018 (Print/Kindle Edition) - November 2018

Curse of the Gods Anthology (Greek Mythology Anthology) - December 2018

Echoes of the Past 2018 Anthology - December 2018


Enchanted Gardens Anthology - January 2019 (OPEN)

Persephone and the Tenth Planet by Madeline L. Stout - January 2019

Chrysalis (Fairy Tale Transformations Anthology) - February 2019

Fantasia Fairy Tales (Anthology Compiled by Clara M. O'Leary) - February 2019

Nightwood by Elana Gomel (Book 7 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - February 2019

Japanese Mythology - March 2019 (OPEN)

Eternity by Cindar Harrell (Book 8 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - March 2019

Detective Fantasy Anthology - April 2019 

The Never Wolves by Myfanwy Rodman (Book 9 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - April 2019

Unnanounced Short Story Collection - April 2019

Once Upon a Unicorn Vol. 4: A Witch's Feather - May 2019

Behind Eyes of Glass (Haunted Dolls Anthology) - May 2019 

Magic for Beginners (Charity Anthology for Kids) - June 2019

The Fairy Father by Vaggelis Sarantopoulos (Book 10 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - June 2019

Unnanounced Short Story Collection - June 2019

Summer's Splash (Summer Fantasy Anthology) - July 2019

Queen of Bleeding Hearts by Cassandra Schoeber (Book 11 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - July 2019

Unnanounced Novella - July 2019

FDM: Issue 26, August 2019 - August 2019

Galactic Goddesses (Sci-Fi Anthology) - August 2019

The Princess and the Pea by David W. Landrum (Book 12 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - August 2019

Djinn/Genies Anthology - September 2019

Frost Fire by Cindar Harrell (Book 13 of the Fairy Tale Collection) - September 2019

Unnanounced Short Story Collection - September 2019

FDM: Issue 27, October 2019 - October 2019

Wonderland Anthology - October 2019

Treasure Hunt Anthology - November 2019

Unnanounced Novel - November 2019

Unnanounced Short Story Collection - November 2019

Wind (Element Series Anthology 1) - December 2019

Unnanounced Book - December 2019

Contest: Now Open
Different Interpretations 
Accepting Entries Until November 1st
Deadlines for each part will be in between holidays so as not to interfere with anyone's plans. 

Each contestant will need to choose a theme, one that they feel comfortable enough to write in various styles and genres. For example, you can choose a particular fairy tale, a general fairy tale troupe, a myth, historical event, season, element, etc. For each phase of the contest, we will give you a different variable and you must write a story involving your chosen theme within the confines of the variable we give you. For example, if I chose the fairy tale Rapunzel, and the first variable was sci-fi, I would have to write an interpretation of the Rapunzel tale in a sci-fi setting. There will be five phases with a minimum word count of 4,000. There is no maximum word count. We are wanting the final collections to total around 20,000 words. In some cases, we may allow a shorter word count for a story as long as you make up for it in one of the future phases. For example, if your phase one story is 3,000 words, in phase two or three your story would need to be 5,000 words. Each story will receive comments from the judges before going on to the next phase. The top three collections at the end of the contest will have their books published along with other prizes.

If you have any questions or are interested in being a judge, please email us at: fantasiadivinity@gmail.com. Please put "CONTEST ENTRY" into the subject line.

Entry Deadline: November 1st, 2018 (Or until full)
Entry Fee: $10
11/8/2018 - Site Maintenance
We are in the process of updating our website and some areas may be down. We will try to make sure that information on submissions and releases stay up while we are working and hope to have everything back online soon. We appreciate your patience in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience.

11/8/2018 - Store Temporarily Closed & Delays in Print Copies
Due to several issues, we are transferring all our print titles from the comapny we have been using for the last two years. There have been numerous problems with shipping delays among other things and so we are seeking alternatives. During this transition phase, we will be closing our store and holding off on processing any more print copies. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes, but we feel it is for the best in order to serve all of our authors and readers better. We will reopen the store and resume sending out copies once we have resolved the current problems. We hope for you patience and understanding in this matter.

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Cover Reveal:
THE Eighth Dwarf 
Coming 6/15/2018
Blacksmith Tiberius is dissatisfied with his lot in life. Convinced he deserves more, he's become resentful of the other dwarves. He's motivated by coin, and to a lesser extent women and power. A chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious witch, whose plans include the removal of the current queen, result in an unlikely partnership. 

Soon he’s living the life he’d always dreamt of, whoring and drinking to his heart’s content, far away from the cramped cabin he’d shared with the other dwarves. But after an unexpected connection with a young princess named Snow White, and as the witch’s demands become more extreme, Tiberius questions the strength of their friendship and wonders how far he’s willing to go for titles and riches.

- A Beauty and Beast Story

by Cassandra Schoeber

​Available Now!
- A Nightingale Story

by JM Williams

​April 25, 2018
​- A Little Mermaid Story

by M. A. Smith

​May 15th, 2018
- A Snow White Story

by R.A. Goli

​June 15th, 2018
Available Now!
- A Mythical Creature Anthology

Edited by Amber M. Simpson & Madeline L. Stout

​Coming Soon
- A Horror Villains Anthology

Edited by Amber M. Simpson & Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- An Autumn Fantasy Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- 2017 Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- A Fairy Tale Villains Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- A Fairy Tale Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- A Mermaid and Sea Maidens Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout &
​Amber M. Simpson

Available Now
- A Ghost Mystery Anthology

Edited by Amber M. Simpson & Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- 2016 Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- An Erotic Romance Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- A Princess Fairy Tale Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- A Winter Fantasy Anthology

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
Available Now!
- July 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout & Amber M. Simpson

​Available Now
- June 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- May 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- April 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- February 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- January 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- December 2016

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- March 2017

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- October 2016

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- September 2016

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- August 2016

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
- November 2016

Edited by Madeline L. Stout

​Available Now
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We now have a Facebook page! We aim to use the Facebook page as an easy way of keeping all of our authors and readers better updated on our progress with submissions, edits, and releases. 

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