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Cassandra Schoeber
Cassandra Schoeber is a fantasy writer but sometimes weirdness and horror creep into her stories, wreak havoc, and tend to end up eating people. When she dares to take a break from writing, she ventures into the outside world as a Strength and Movement Coach, motivating women to be confident and strong.

Her stoy  “Let It Snow”  was published in Silver Apples Magazine.
Ever heard of the Black Devil? No? Then you’ve been saved from the beast, a creature lurking these woods in the dead of night, hunting for blood to satiate its unquenchable desires. It’s the Black Devil that guards the liquid gold. A gold so pure, it pours forth like wine. It bends and shifts and transforms into riches beyond anything you can imagine. I speak truth. I saw it high up in the hills, at the edge of Clawfoot. It stands over ten feet, thick black hair covering it from head to toe. Walking tall and looking like a woman. Don’t take my word for it. You want the gold, you better go after it yourself. But be careful of the Black Devil. She’s ravenous.

Book one of Fantasia Divinity's Fairy Tale Collection.
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JM Williams
Author, teacher, historian, veteran. J.M. Williams is a SF/F author who is unabashedly into anything pulp. He has had more than thirty short fiction pieces accepted for publication in a wide range of venues including Bards and Sages, Left Hand Publishers, Corner Bar Magazine, and the Uprising Review. He also earned an Honorable Mention in the third quarter of the 2017 Writers of the Future contest. Williams lives in Korea with his wife and 10 cats—and can be found online at
The Nightingale: A Novella
King Gregor of Eriari is on the verge of his sixtieth year. The kingdom is tense, awaiting the selection of his heir from among the three royal siblings. Kari understands the feeling all too well. She has only recently learned that she will not inherit her family’s smithy, despite her skill being far superior to that of her younger brother. Everything is a mess and nothing seems fair. Princesses can inherit the kingdom, but village girls can’t even take over a forge. Kari wonders if she will ever find a place for herself. That is, until she stumbles upon something in the royal forest that changes everything… A fantasy reimagining of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, The Nightingale is an epic tale of magic and intrigue, courageous heroes and cunning villains. Fast-paced and filled with colorful characters, this is one you won’t want to put down.

Book two of Fantasia Divinity's Fairy Tale Collection.
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M A Smith
M A Smith writes from Gloucestershire, UK.  Her fiction has appeared in publications including Dark Moon Digest, Swords and Sorcery Magazine and Gathering Storm, and her novella ‘Severance’ will appear in  May 2018, courtesy of Fantasia Divinity Publishing. Find out more at

With the earth long diseased, humanity has evolved back into creatures of the water, and beneath the waves the folk, fearing the corrupted land, remain within the boundaries of their world. 

One among them, though, is different.  One of them is prepared to make a bargain.  A life for a life.  A severance for a blood debt. 

The truth for one deep breath.

Book three of Fantasia Divinity's Fairy Tale Collection.
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R.A. Goli
R.A. Goli is an Australian writer of horror, fantasy, erotic, and speculative short stories. In addition to writing, her interests include reading, gaming, the occasional walk, and annoying her dog, two cats, and husband.

Her short story collection  Unfettered is available now. Her fantasy novella, The Eighth Dwarf is available here and on Amazon.

Check out her numerous publications on her website  or stalk her on facebook.
The Eighth Dwarf: A Novella
Blacksmith Tiberius is dissatisfied with his lot in life. Convinced he deserves more, he's become resentful of the other dwarves. He's motivated by coin, and to a lesser extent women and power. A chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious witch, whose plans include the removal of the current queen, result in an unlikely partnership. 

Soon he’s living the life he’d always dreamt of, whoring and drinking to his heart’s content, far away from the cramped cabin he’d shared with the other dwarves. But after an unexpected connection with a young princess named Snow White, and as the witch’s demands become more extreme, Tiberius questions the strength of their friendship and wonders how far he’s willing to go for titles and riches.

Book four of Fantasia Divinity's Fairy Tale Collection.
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Chris Brock
Chris Brock currently lives in Northern California. He just finished his PhD in English at Idaho State University where he studied comics. Seriously, he studied comics. He is looking for a career that can pay the bills while he writes stories. His previous publications were either self-published or part of his university's school journal. He often writes humor, despite always claiming to want to write serious and dark literature. He is currently part of the Fiction Vortex team writing as part of the shared story verse where he is writing mostly serious literature.

Cinderella's Kiss: A Novella
The kingdom is in a civil war. The king is away fighting the queen. Revolutionaries are everywhere in the Royal City and assassins lurk the streets. And the prince is in danger…of falling in love. The object of his affection is a mysterious woman named Cinderella. They danced, they kissed, and as quickly as this romance started, she disappeared. Not knowing what to do, the prince hires hard-boiled detective Dash to find his love. This job will take Dash from speaking with murderers, befriending half-ogres, fighting revolutionaries, and meeting the baddest person of all—Fairy Godmother.

Book five of Fantasia Divinity's Fairy Tale Collection.